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Expecting a bundle of joy? One of the monumental tasks you will face as expecting parents is the creation of your child’s nursery. It can be exciting and fun to choose the styles, colors and accessories as you wait in anticipation for the arrival of your new addition. There are so many decisions to make, and it can seem overwhelming at times.

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Blog Wallpaper got its name from its most obvious use…but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used in other ways to spruce up the look of your home. We found some of the most interesting spots and style savvy ways people are using wallpaper in their homes to create a look that’s all their own. Check out our favorite projects for wallpaper, and follow the links to recreate the look for yourself.

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Blog Standing out with incredible style is the unique look of metallic wallpaper. With its beautiful sheen and elegant patterns, metallic wallpaper will help you create just the look you’ve been dreaming of. Available in a variety of colors, the essence of metallic wallpaper is one of contemporary appeal, although

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Blog In most cases, textured wallpaper is made to look exactly like the material it is mimicking. In the case of faux brick and wood wallpaper, they often feel like the texture. There are many varieties available, with the most popular being brick, stone, wood/beadboard, and grasscloth. Lately though, we have seen an increase among textured damask, floral and scroll patterns and even within more basic neutral patterns.,

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BlogThe holidays are just around the corner. Your guests will be on their way. Does your dining room need…something? When you stand back to take in the atmosphere, the style, the composure, is something missing? York Wallcoverings wallpaper in your dining room will add just the right touch of style, sophistication and ambiance–your guests will be in awe of the space.

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