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Terms and conditions for using Creative Wall Arts Services, means placing orders and making payments, for delivery and receipts of the requested services by the Customer, we have right to cancel the any order, right to withdraw from the Agreement and complaint filing procedure. By using these Services. Please read these Terms and conditions properly. By using Creative Wall you hereby automatically confirm your acceptance of the provisions below. If you disagree with these Terms and conditions as well as with the Privacy Policy, then please do not use CREATIVE WALL ARTS.

General information

✔  Access and use of the website and services available on the website (“CREATIVE WALL ARTS”) are subject to the following Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy.

✔  These Terms, as may be modified from time to time, shall constitute legally binding terms and applies to the use of CREATIVE WALL ARTS (“Agreement”)

✔  By accessing or using CREATIVE WALL ARTS, you agree to be bound by this Agreement, whether you are a "Visitor" (which means that you simply browse CREATIVE WALL ARTS, including, without limitation, through a mobile or other wireless device, or otherwise use the Services without being registered) or you are a "Customer" (which means that you are placing an order).

✔  By using CREATIVE WALL ARTS you agree to Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy, as may be updated from time to time.

✔  The operator of CREATIVE WALL ARTS.IN is registered office in Pune, India. Which is responsible for providing the ordered services.

✔  By placing and order through the CREATIVE WALL ARTS website, you are offering to order services subject to the following Terms and conditions. Any possible exemptions shall be considered only if previously confirmed between you and Creative Wall Arts in writing or if explicitly specified herein. Any oral commitments of the Creative Wall Arts, its agents or other authorized persons, shall be considered credible only after written confirmations issued by the Creative Wall Arts.

✔  By using CREATIVE WALL ARTS, in particular placing the order or creating an account, you hereby undertake to provide complete and true data (such as name, address, etc.). In  the event of providing false data, you shall bear liability for any damages resulting therefrom.

User's registration

✔  For the use of our Services and in order to publish your work or to place orders for individual services, you need to register on the Creative Wall website (also referred to as “CREATIVE WALL ARTS”, “Website”). You can register on CREATIVE WALL ARTS simply as a User.

✔  The registration on CREATIVE WALL ARTS is free of charge and can be made upon placing an order or creating an account. While registering you need to complete the registration form, enter you e-mail address and password and agree that your personal data will be processed by Creative Wall Arts to the extent necessary to provide CREATIVE WALL ARTS Services. You hereby undertake, not to give your password to any third parties.

✔  The registration is not linked to any other obligations, unless otherwise indicated below.

✔  You are obliged to refrain from any actions that could affect the proper functioning of the website, in particular from interfering with the content or technical elements of website and from posting any content that can be illegal. You shall not use CREATIVE WALL ARTS  for any purpose other than its intended use, including in particular, to send SPAM and to publish content in any manner inconsistent with the applicable law.

Ordering Services

✔  All images, photos, pictures, graphics and other products presented by Creative Wall Arts on the Internet, in particular on the website, or in other media, shall not be understood as an offer of sale, but merely as an invitation to make an offer. Services shall be ordered by completing the Order Form available on CREATIVE WALL ARTS.

✔  The Services presented on CREATIVE WALL ARTS are only model motives. As a result, you will not receive an original painting, but a digital copy consistent with the motive. You assume all risks associated with your use of CREATIVE WALL ARTS services.

✔  Each Order that you place, must be configured in accordance with your personal wishes. You undertake to acquaint yourself with all possible configurations and take the final price of ordered services into account. All given prices are always gross prices.

✔  The content of the concluded agreement for services shall not be separately stored by Creative Wall Arts. Details of the order will be made available to you in a confirmation e-mail send to e-mail address stipulated by while completing the Order Form.

✔  The order placed by you will be accepted only with consideration of valid terms and prices. For the issuance of a VAT invoice the price valid at the time of placing the order by you will be binding.

✔  Together with changes of Creative Wall Arts websites, all stated prices and other data considering available services will be subject to change or expiry.

✔  All services available on CREATIVE WALL ARTS shall be available only for a limited period of time and in a specific quantity. Whenever the bid limit or expiry date is exceeded, you will not be entitled to order the service.

Payments and fees

✔  You can make payment for ordered services in the form of a prepayment by credit card, debit card, transfer to bank account or can be deposited in our bank account.

✔  Creative Wall Arts reserves the right to accept or refuse to accept certain forms of payment in any particular case.


✔  For each service there is an approximate time for the duration of service, which is calculated from the next day following receipt by Creative Wall Arts of full payment for the ordered services. Some services may be provided individually by prior arrangement between you and Creative Wall Arts.

✔  The service ordered by you shall be sent to e-mail address indicated in the Order Form. At the same time, along with the completed order, you will receive free promotional materials in the form of printed samples of ordered services from Creative Wall Arts, pursuant to data specified by you in the Order Form, which shall be delivered in accordance with the available manner of delivery chosen by you.

✔  You are entitled to choose another form of delivery than available on website, however, you are obliged to cover all additional costs arising therefrom. The cost of packaging the promotional materials and delivery differs; additional charges may be imposed

✔  Packaging in which promotional materials shall be delivered are non-refundable and you are obliged to remove them at your own expense.

✔  In the event the delivered service is inconsistent with the order resulting from causes attributable to Creative Wall Arts, you hereby undertake to grant us an extra delivery period of 2 (two) weeks.

Damage caused during transport

✔  If the material delivered to you has any visible defects, you must immediately notify Creative Wall Arts by e-mail at the following address:

✔  In the event of discovering any hidden defects in the ordered services or the promotional materials, you must notify Creative Wall Arts immediately by e-mail at the following address:

✔  You must send back the printout of the service using any courier service at your own expense, to the address provided earlier by Creative Wall Arts.


✔  You have not right to return service together with promotional printout exclusively in the event the service and printout are not compliant with the order.

✔  You undertake to file a complaint within 15 days from the date of discovering the incompliance via e-mail:

✔  Creative Wall Arts shall not be liable for insignificant differences between offered and delivered service. If you try to print purchased services on canvas, poster, mural and pictures, Creative Wall Arts warns, that there may be slight differences in colors between the actual printout and model motives, as well as differences resulting from different format, paper quality, material and used surface.